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Fundamental of design: Content in web design.

Content:In Web Design, Content Is King! The design must reflect the spirit of content and communicate with its idea.“Content is King” — Bill Gates, 1996Websites are actually a means to distribute content, and it is that content and access to it which should be the core to every web design.In order for the content to be the core of the design, the website needs a few things: easily…

A Tale of Two Design Critiques

I’ve done a lot of talking and writing about a content-first design process lately. The advantages of getting your content ready before a…Continue reading on Prototyping: From UX to Front End »…

Writing Well

This was first published on my mailing list The Looking Glass. Every week, I answer a reader’s question.Continue reading on The Year of the Looking Glass »…

UX Writer Jobs

UX Writer Jobs

UX Writer jobs are fairly new, the most popular ones are listed below. First up is Google's UX Writer role, who seem to provide the most information about the job: Google UX Content WriterAs a User Experience content developer, you are an advocate for Google design, working to shape product experiences by creating useful, meaningful text that helps users complete the task at hand. As a stellar writer, you have…